John's house.

Gapfill exercise

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   ashtray      carpet      clock      cooker      expensive      favourite      floor      fridge      high-tech      house      mirror      reads      ridge      the bus      wardrobe   

John lives in a small flat in the centre of London. It's very , but he loves living there as he can walk home at night and he doesn't need to take .
HIs flat has got four rooms : the bedroom, the kitchen, the sitting room and the bathroom.The kitchen is his room. He really loves cooking and he has a big with a big oven- He also has an American and a dishwasher- The walls are green and the is wooden.On one wall he has a picture of New York by night as he lived in New York in the 1990s.
His sitting room is very . He's got a big computer on a desk beside the window and a very big television as he loves watching sport on tv. There is also a small lamp on the desk and an ,as John smokes a lot. He wants to stop smoking but always says, 'Next year.'
His bedroom isn't very high tech. He has a blue on the floor, white walls, bookshelves full of books, a big double bed and two lamps on bedside tables beside the bed. He also has a big as he buys lots clothes. He really likes shoes and has over forty pairs. He has a small radio and a on one of the bedside tables.
John's bathroom is all white. He's got a shower and a bath and a basin.There's a big over the basin. John relaxes in his bath. Sometimes he lights candles and just lies in the water thinking, or sometimes he there or listens to music. When he doesn't have a lot of time, he has a shower instead of a bath.
John is getting married next year and is going to buy a . He knows he 'll be sorry to leave his lovely flat.